Shop Display Stands

Shop Display Stands


Retain Exhibition Display has designed and manufactured shop display stands for many years, we have found the solution that will meet each of your needs. We specialise in meeting your brand and corporate intentions. Our main focus as a company is to ensure that we add value to your business and providing you will creative shop display stands that will easily attract the attention of many and deliver a solution to your marketing needs, as well as fulfilling each of your requirements in the most cost-effective manner.

Our team are highly skilled, highly qualified and in-house, they are here to design and develop your shop display stands to fit each of your requirements. We understand just how important it is to display your product and brand in a high-class professional manner, this is the most important part of visual marketing your business will undertake.

We offer shop display stands in a variety of finishes from glass to wood to vinyl. We have every avenue covered for you. We can design, manufacture and install your shop display stands, all we need is a little input from yourself explaining your requirements and our team will be able to put together a design plan for you.

Here at The RED Company, we offer a professional service for each of our clients, we provide custom-built shop display stands, especially if you are not looking for that straight out the box look. We want to be able to tailor your shop display stands to your chosen requirements to ensure we make the perfect display merchandise for you and your customers.

We have a team of expert designers and fitters who have worked within the industry for a large amount of time. We will be able to design and install shop display stands in full to meet your requests. Our team will work alongside you to ensure that we create you shop display stands exactly to your specifications, whether you have a rough idea in mind or need an entire design put together for you, we can show you our portfolio of previous work to help get you exactly what you desire.

Our team of experts will draw up an initial design and with your input, we will then perfectly put together designs and then with your review, we will make a one-off prototype and in a timely manner, this will be sent to your location.

Bespoke Display Units

At RED specialise in the design and manufacturing of display units. With all manner of finishes, glass, wood, vinyl, a high quality unit is just as much a part of what you’re displaying. We can offer these units flat packed and delivered or a full installation service. All we need is a small amount of input from yourself, be it a sketch or just a phone and we can put the wheels into motion.

Bespoke Displays

Alongside our units we also create unique displays. Like the units we need a small amount of inspiration from yourself and we can create that amazing display that wow’s its audience. Whether they are the launch of a new product in store, a focal point in your exhibition stand or just a way of jazzing up your office reception, a bespoke display is certain one that’s going to draw attention.

Graphics Printing and Displays

What better way to display all that you do than to print it and display it? You can cover and entire shop window in vinyl or send out brochures to your clients. We’ve had entire vehicles wrapped and marquees branded, giant fabric lightboxes installed and custom wallpaper in offices. With the availability to print large format and onto pretty much every substrate imaginable the possibilities are certainly endless. Our prices very competitive and we are certain that we could give you exactly the end product you need. Make and enquiry and see if we can compete for your printing requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Here at The Retail Exhibition Display Company, we are focused on making shop display stands from metal, wood, glass or vinyl, with a broad amount of experience and knowledge we can offer each of our customers a one-stop service that focuses entirely on your needs and desires.

Our team understand that some projects will not start with an in-depth idea, this is why we are able to work alongside you throughout the whole design process to ensure we get it entirely right from the get-go. We are happy to go through our portfolio with you, showing you previous work that we have complete and then we will put together a selection of designs for you to choose between. This way we can ensure that we provide your shop with shop display stands that fit perfectly in your store. Before we decide on a final design we will present you with specifications and prototypes before final production begins.

Having well designed and manufactured shop display stands will mean you can present your products in the most aesthetically pleasing way, as well as attracting customers into your shop and to your products. Whether you have all the ideas of what you want for your shop display stands, or whether you are entirely clueless, we will ensure to provide you with your aspired design and colour shop display designs. This way we can guarantee that your products are displayed in the best way possible. Not only are shop display stands essential to make your shop look more aesthetically pleasing and an important visual marketing technique but they are also there to ensure that your space is being utilised efficiently.

Our team of profoundly experienced engineers are able to design your shop display stands entirely how you want and need them using state-of-the-art software. Throughout the entire process with our ongoing consultants' designs are able to be modified, this way we can ensure that we meet your needs.

As a business, we strive on being able to deliver you a fantastic service, meeting your requirements and supplying you with a product that exceeds each of your expectations. Our shop display stands are made with a selection of highly durable materials meaning that your display stands will survive through daily wear and tear and everyday use from yourself and the general public. Before we make your shop display stands our team will create a virtual version of your product, this way if there are any adjustments you require, we will get these finalised before the final product is manufactured. Our team will be able to give you all the guidance and support that you may need to make any changes to your desired product as well as making sure you get the perfect product for your desired needs.

Our team is constantly evolving with the times meaning we are able to constantly develop products that become more intricate than the most previous, no job is too big nor too small. We want to make a product that means our customers receive the best service and products within the industry. Providing a service that is bespoke allows you to have shop display stands that are to your exact specification to allow you to display your products.

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