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The Retail Exhibition Display Company are leading shop fitters in London. We believe that for any business, it is essential that your shop and shop front looks appealing, this can be the difference between bringing in customers and losing customers. Our team of shop fitters in London can offer a variety of solutions for you, ranging from shop window displays to full shop refits.

We understand the stress of ensuring that your shop truly reflects your business, so starting with your shop window is the first port of call, if you have a messy sad window, this will stop enticing customers into your shop. So refreshing your shop window can truly reflect the type of business your store receives. Secondly, it is important to ensure your shop window and your shop mirror one another, our shop fitters understand that ensuring both the interior and exterior of your business reflect one another.

The RED Company are an honest and reliable team of shop fitters serving London and all the surrounding areas. We are capable of producing exceptional shop fitting services from the initial consultation to the final installation process. Having many years of knowledge within the industry means that we can provide a fantastic service that comes highly recommended from hundreds of previous customers as well as providing a service that comes professionally and reliably.

When looking for trustworthy shop fitters London, it is important to look for leading factors that will win your trust. Here at The RED Company, we will take time to speak with our clients throughout the whole process, starting off with discussing your initial requirements and limitations. This also means that we will need to discuss measurements of the space available and whether you have a timescale in mind. There is also some importance to whether you have any branding requirements and what your budgets are. Once this is all discussed we will then put together a range of design ideas which we will then discuss with you and help you choose the best way to achieve these goals. Once this stage has been completed we will then plan and manage your entire project through to the final sign-off and you have had the work completed. Finally, we understand that shop fitting is not just put up a few pretty displays, this can change the entire style and branding of your business which will help attract and engage with customers.

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Are you looking for Shop Fitters In London?

Our team of shop fitters London will not only meet but excess each of our client's expectations. We provide consistent and high-quality work at competitive prices. From the initial phone call to the first face to face consultation our shop fitters work closely with each of our clients as we understand each of our clients have individual wants and needs, as well as providing high quality and reliable service.

We offer a full in-house service, meaning you will not have to have the unnecessary stress in finding a variety of experts to complete the works. From the initial consultation through to the manufacturing and installation process, our team will talk you through every step of the way.

We ensure to take incredible care of all our shopfitting services and installation work will be carried out with minimal disruption to both you and your business. This means that our shop fitters London will work with you to decide on a schedule of the best time to get the works completed, either out of hours or at the weekend so that we avoid any inconvenience.

If you have recently purchased a new shop, you will need shop fitters to ensure your shop is everything that you have dreamed of as well as making these dreams become reality. Having your shop refurbished and refitted means that we can maximise the appeal to your shop and make sure it becomes successful. We also want to ensure that we tailor to each of your business needs, no matter how big or small they are. Having your shop refitted means that we can create a charming and engaging retail environment for both you and your customers.

We understand the true importance of professional shop fitters London which means we also understand the influence of an attractive retail environment. Our shop fitters will work closely with you to ensure that we provide a shopfitting service that brings in new customers and engages your existing customers. Within a workplace, we know that both your employees and customers should feel entirely comfortable and welcoming. Our shop fitters know that the look and feel of your shop is the most important part of your business, this is the first thing that your customers will see, so having an attractive fit-out will provide that. We can provide a solution that will help heighten your business and productivity as well as making your shop more aesthetically pleasing, in time this will increase business for you.

No matter the size of your shop, no job is too big nor too small. It also does not matter what industry you are in, our team of expert shop fitters can provide a complete fit-out and throughout this whole process, we can help you make the perfect decision that makes your shop look the best. Having a wide range of knowledge means that we can allow our customers to tailor their shop to your entire specifications. Whether you are looking at a full shop fit-out or refurbishing your current shop, we can ensure your shop is completed to the best way as well as creating a space that your customers can truly appreciate as well as impressing them with your refurbishment or refit.


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